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How Fast Will Your Internet Be In 2020?

How high quality is the type of video that YouTube recently announced support for? So high, you need a 25-foot screen to appreciate it. It’s the latest reminder that as technology companies invent cooler and cooler applications, they won’t just eat up bandwidth—they’ll devour it.

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TABSF3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Well I'm with Virgin Media in the UK
Paying for 50Mbps which is 6.25MB/s

Best I got on was
DL 45.72Mbps UL 1.62Mbps
Best Today
DL 40.62Mbps UP 0.69Mbps

UK is or was meant to be getting 200Mbps Standard for 2012
We will see, Virgin has been trialling 100Mbps

MetalFreakMike3267d ago

I got 50 MBPS right now and my ISP is coming out with 100 MBPS soon so it is really hard to tell since they like to put caps on my bandwidth. Maybe they will rise the cap if they come out with 500 MBPS because you will hit your limit in no time with those kinds of speeds.