Mobile malware: You will be billed $90,000 for this call

ComputrWorld: Be it business or pleasure, most of us have our cell phones handy at all times. Those phones are full of vulnerabilities which are ripe for viruses. Some people change apps faster than their underwear; some of those apps act as a Trojan Horse carrying malicious code. Although some software security experts expect smartphones to be a tempting new target for hackers, F-Secure reported there haven't been more than 500 mobile phone viruses so far. What do we have to thank for staving off the upcoming smartphone attacks? Windows XP.

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fatstarr3267d ago

I been thinking about this for a long time now.
And it is very very true. I know some places that sell these bugged apps and stuff
I haven't downloaded anything illegal for my phone since 2007 lol.

dollydolman3267d ago

I get by on the bare minimum apps on my HTC Hero, such as Maps/Youtube etc... I've only installed 2 market apps and that's Shazam and a Gameboy emulator. Much like with computer viruses, if you're sensible, they won't get you most of the time.