Barnes & Noble Nook Study now available to download, just in time for fall semester

Engadget: Take heart, freshmen -- six months from now, you'll be kickin' it on holiday break, while the rest of us working folk glare angrily and curse the wasted chances that haunt us still today. Positive thinking goes a long way, right? At any rate, Barnes & Noble has made sure that its newly announced Nook Study is live prior to the start of most fall semesters and as of today, both Windows and OS X users can head to the source link to get those bits a-flowin'.

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Barnes & Noble is recalling its Nook seven-inch power adapters

Barnes & Noble is recalling its newest Nook tablet’s power adapter, only a few months after its release. The adapters’ casing apparently sometimes comes off, thereby exposing a metal prong.

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Goodnight and good Nook: farewell to a beloved e-reader

Barnes & Noble has shut down its ebook store. It may have been overshadowed and outsold by the Kindle, but for some readers, it was briefly a revelation

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E-book seller Nook pulls out of UK

Barnes & Noble will stop selling digital books for its Nook device on 15 March, the firm said on World Book Day.