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Engadget: BlackBerry Torch Review

Engadget: When we began our review of the BlackBerry Torch (aka the Bold 9800), our hearts were all aflutter. The leaked shots we'd been seeing of some kind of Palm Pre-esque RIM slider were different and frankly weird enough to cause a kind of low hum gadget lust. Furthermore, although no one on the Engadget team was blown away by what the company had shown us in recent BlackBerry OS 6 demo videos, the promise of a substantially revamped UI and new, Webkit-powered browser certainly got us interested.

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Pocket-Lint: White BlackBerry Torch hands on

Pocket-Lint: RIM has really stuck the boot into Apple as of late. Not content with doing what the Cupertino collective seemingly couldn't - releasing a white version of one of its latest handsets, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 - the cheeky Canadians have gone and pulled another white handset out of the hat - this time the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

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White BlackBerry Torch coming soon on Vodafone

Pocket-Lint: Need a BlackBerry Torch to help you stand out from the crowd, but can't wait until Q3 to grab yourself the BlackBerry Torch 2?

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Pocket-Lint: BlackBerry Torch review

Pocket-Lint: The BlackBerry Torch, or 9800 for those keeping track of the numbers, brings with it a design we don't see too often in mobile phone handsets - the full QWERTY vertical touchscreen slider. The most notable device of this design in recent times was the Palm Pre which was considerably smaller. The design means that things are going to get big once you open the screen up. Sitting a 3.2-inch screen above a BlackBerry keyboard means the Torch is 148mm tall when opened. For those not savvy with millimetres, that's nearly 15cm, almost 6 inches. That's a size that no one will miss when you whip it out on the train.

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