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Hauppauge officially announces HD PVR support in Windows Media Center

Engadget: If you're thinking about going the Media Center DVR route but can't or won't get hooked up with a CableCARD don't forget there's another option available to pull in those premium channels now that the $199 Hauppauge HD PVR is supported as a TV recorder in Windows 7.

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BlastProcess | Hauppauge HD PVR2 gaming edition Review

"In short its a tidy little package which now supports HDMI cables for better quality recordings. It also has the ability to play your consoles while plugged in via the PVR without switching your PC/Laptop/Mac on, meaning you won’t have to unplug everything just to play something." - BlastProcess

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Hauppauge Announces HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition With HDMI And Pass Through Support

TechDeville: Hauppauge has announced a follow up to its popular HD PVR Gaming Edition. The HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition now comes with HDMI, “no delay pass-through” support and a new $169 price tag.

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Hauppauge launches “StreamEez” a High Definition Video Streamer Box

GamerFitNation: Today it was announced that Hauppauge has launched a high definition video streamer that is capable of allowing any group or organization to broadcast live. StreamEez pricing starts at $299 for all of the software and hardware combined.

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Fox_Mamba4340d ago

Sounds like a great investment for streaming live events and in great quality. As well as streaming gaming. Will be buying.

Mikefizzled4340d ago

It as a product looks great but I cannot stand the name or the spelling of it.