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Sanyo's VPC-CA102YL waterproof HD camcorder, your perfect accessory for visiting Sealab 2021

Engadget: Sanyo isn't breaking out the hyperbole with this water-resistant full HD pocket camcorder -- that honor went to the DMX-CA100 back in May -- but the VPC-CA102YL does boast a spec sheet as impressive as its product name.

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Roku Announces Sanyo as its Newest Roku TV Brand

Neocrisis - Roku today announced that the Sanyo brand is now part of the Roku TV licensing program. Funai Corporation expects to ship the first Sanyo Roku TVs in Canada this quarter.

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Panasonic 2012 Q3: $9 billion loss, Sanyo writedowns, restructuring

Engadget - Panasonic's released its 2012 quarterly report (its financial year runs from summer to summer) and concedes it's been as bad for them as it was for Sony and Sharp. It's blaming the Japanese Earthquake for damaging its supply chain, a strong yen for keeping prices high, plus having to write-down the costs for its acquisition of Sanyo.

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PC World - Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA100 Full HD Review

PC World - After one of the coldest winters in living memory, followed by a wet and dreary beginning to summer, the prospect of hitting the beach for some underwater videography might not sound too enticing. But if you do decide to take the plunge, it's hard to look past the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA100.

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