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A Single Pedal for Braking and Acceleration, to Prevent Accidents

An invention that's been around for two decades, but is only now getting any real attention, could change the way millions of people drive -- if people ever have the good sense to adopt it, its inventor says. Japanese inventor Masuyuki Naruse claims that placing the braking and acceleration pedals in your cars side-by-side, just inches apart, is a dangerous design flaw.

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GodsHand4344d ago

How about one for clutching as well, lol.

I really can not see this working to well, some people will just wear out the brakes, buy riding them, and they will not realize that they have. I see this everday where people use both feet for braking, and acceleration, but that brake light is always on, becuase they can not feel they are pushing it slightly.

fatstarr4344d ago

Brakes pff. I barely use mine i coast to stop but i remember which foot stops the car.

I am learning to drive stick now and you are right lol we should have one for clutching too. best invention ever.