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“The Best BlackBerry Ever”?

Pocket-Lint: On Tuesday morning in New York City, technology journalists and film crews lined the street of 42nd St. and 11th Avenue for an exclusive announcement from AT&T and Research In Motion (RIM). Most people in line were fairly certain they were waiting for the unveiling of the new BlackBerry 9800, and like most rumours, they proved to be true.

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Facebook and BlackBerry are heading to court over voice messaging patents

There’s a new battle commencing between Facebook and BlackBerry. On Tuesday, the social network sued the phone maker over alleged infringement of six patents. Of these, one is related to a voice message feature in BBM Enterprise.

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BlackBerry Key 2 Review | CGM

BlackBerry is back, with one of the most refined, yet useful devices to date, the BlackBerry Key 2.

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Blackberry claws itself from obscurity to announce a new flagship phone releasing in June

The previous titan of industry has had a bumpy time lately, but a new partnership with Chinese company TCL seems to have saved them from the brink of absolute destruction and obscurity. They’re currently ramping up for a release party on June the 7th in New York for the successor for last years KeyOne.

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