Pocket-Lint: BlackBerry Torch - First Look Review

Pocket-Lint: Research In Motion has announced a successor to the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Bold, merging two of its flagship handsets to create a new line that offers both a QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen experience. But has it created a prodigal son, or a bastard child? We managed to get some hands-on time with the new device at the UK launch of the new smartphone in London.

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Facebook and BlackBerry are heading to court over voice messaging patents

There’s a new battle commencing between Facebook and BlackBerry. On Tuesday, the social network sued the phone maker over alleged infringement of six patents. Of these, one is related to a voice message feature in BBM Enterprise.

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BlackBerry Key 2 Review | CGM

BlackBerry is back, with one of the most refined, yet useful devices to date, the BlackBerry Key 2.

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Blackberry claws itself from obscurity to announce a new flagship phone releasing in June

The previous titan of industry has had a bumpy time lately, but a new partnership with Chinese company TCL seems to have saved them from the brink of absolute destruction and obscurity. They’re currently ramping up for a release party on June the 7th in New York for the successor for last years KeyOne.

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