BlackTrail BT-01 is the $80,000 electric bicycle of your dreams

Engadget: When Germany's PG-Bikes sets out to build a cruiser, it doesn't mess around -- the contraption above may look like an electric bike, but when it goes on sale in the US this year, you may have to register it as a motorcycle.

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GodsHand4685d ago

for 80k, I think I would just go buy a really fast car, or get a custome motor-cycle.

fatstarr4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

its pretty sexy alright.
I have always wanted an electric bike. they look so cool and badass.
you could go all over on this 1.

but 80k i can buy some Audi for that.

tplarkin74685d ago

There is no way that those bikes cost more than $2000 to make. If the battery is a cold fusion engine, then maybe I can see that price.