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AIC introduces two portable RAID solutions

Advanced Industrial Computer Inc today announced its new ultra-portable MobilRAID storage systems. Ready right out-of-the-box for use and available now through the world’s largest technology distributor Ingram Micro, AIC is showcasing the first two systems in the family at this year’s Creative Storage Conference in Culver City, California – the Xtore MobilRAID 6Te and the Xtore MobilRAID 2Te.

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GodsHand5064d ago

MobilRAID 6Te features sustained data transfer rates of up to 240MB/s

That's not good enough for what I want to do. I guess thats the draw back of using USB.

I can achive a write speed of about 78MB/s on one drive 'seagate barracuda 7200.12', sustained. I have two drive in raid0 so I get 156MB/s. Which is enough to recored 720p videos off my PS3. If I added another drive I should get 234MB/s, which comes close to the 'MobilRAID 6Te'. So basicly I could achive the same resualts with three drives vs six, but then again it's not a portable storage device like this.

What I want to due is record stuff in 1080, but i will need at least 5 HDD for that, which means I need to buy a controlelr card, with 6 ports. But it all depends on what you will need this device for. I know for me it would not cut it, for the price, and speed it offers. I wonder if the USB3.0 could due alot better.