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First look at texture painting tool Mari

Introducing Mari, The Foundry's high-end 3D texture painting application that was developed at Weta Digital for Avatar.

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Bandrik4686d ago

Excellent writeup, Chris. I think a lot of your speculations will pan out to be spot-on.

For example, movie-to-game adaptations are never going to go away, so hopefully game developers will be able to make the best of things and borrow more assets from the original movie house. Using this tool to touch up the game characters and see how the textures stretch and deform with a (much) lower-poly version of the movie's characters could potentially save a lot of development time (and headache).

Plus, I always find it exciting when a proprietary development software is released for commercial use by both other production houses, as well as the general public. While it's always nice to see what other production studios will come up with, it's also very interesting to see what smaller groups and individuals will come up with. Even amateurs have amazed me before.

Giving more quality tools like this at their disposal can only enrich the creative world, in my opinion.