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Solar plasma aurora storm to hit Earth tomorrow

Astroboffins are warning that a mighty "eruption" of superhot plasma has been blasted out of the Sun directly at the Earth. The plasma cloud is expected to reach Earth beginning tomorrow, possibly causing strange phenomena - including a mighty geomagnetic storm which could see the Northern Lights aurorae extend as far south as Blighty or the northern USA.

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TechZilla4344d ago (Edited 4344d ago )


rockleex4344d ago

That's exactly what happened at the beginning of the 2012 movie.


fatstarr4344d ago

awwe i thought something epic was gonna happen.
just sounds boring...

NateNater4344d ago

Doesn't stuff like this usually cause mass power outages or something similar?

Myst4344d ago

*moves the Earth magneto sphere*

Good luck y'all!