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Samsung's faster EcoGreen F4EG hard drive does 2TB for less

Engadget: Samsung latest 3.5-inch EcoGreen desktop hard disk does with three platters what its F3EG did with four: obtain a 2TB capacity.

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fatstarr4345d ago

i dont know if samsung is a name i can trust in hard drives.
i love wd and sometimes seagate.

Tuxmask554345d ago

I also have one WD and the rest are Hitachi brand.

fatstarr4344d ago

I never trusted hitachi since my second laptop the drive just failed on me.

Have any of yours failed yet?
i have 40gb samsungs sitting around but i don't know if their build quality's changed over the years where i can trust the drive to hold years of data.

GodsHand4344d ago

Funny I don't trust western digital drives. I know the two PS3 phats (60GB, 80 GB) I have, had seagate HDD, I upgraded them to 500GB Hitachi HDD. So far no failuar. I know from past personal experience I had problems with WD, and Maxtor HDD. This is my first Hitachi HDD, but I've heard other having problems with the hard drive. I currently have two segate 500GB HDD in my computer using RAID0 configuration, for recording videos off my PS3, 1 120GB seagate for the OS, and another 320 for my other stuff, such as tranfering the video from the raid to the 320 HDD in case the raid fails on me.

But I don't know if the HDD fails due to manufacture, or it's just part of the fail rate that is associated with all hardware, and there will be a certain precentage of defectiveness, and it's a matter of luck if you get a good one, or bad.