Android Sales Top Apple IPhone In First-Half 2010, Says Nielsen

New smartphone subscribers choosing Android handsets accounted for 27% of U.S. smartphone sales in the first half of the year, surpassing the 23% share held by Apple's wildly popular phones, the Nielsen Company said Monday.

The report is the latest indication that Google's smartphone software, which powers handsets made by device makers such as Motorola Inc. (MOT) and HTC Corp. (2498.TW), continues to gain momentum in the most critical segment of the mobile market.

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TechZilla3272d ago

Android keeps getting bigger and bigger DAMMM

fatstarr3272d ago

well its the windows approach. which always beats apple hands down.

If you have 1 platform and multiple systems
vs 1 platform and 1 proprietary system.
the first one wins all the time. theres a choice with android os and people love choice.

TechZilla3272d ago

I agree with the choice people love it.

ChickeyCantor3271d ago

I hope this crushes the iphone and set those people free who actually believe they paid the right price for one.
Its sad people need to jailbreak it.