Woman's naked pics exposed after Dell TS Call

Hot Hardware: Assuming this is all true, it's not the first time an outsourced worker in India has resorted to blackmail. It makes you wonder, however, why we continue to outsource our work to such other regions of the world, as well as about the naivete of the woman involved.

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fatstarr3269d ago

dummy good for her.
thats what u get for taking naked pictures and not protecting them. lol
FTW for remote desktop. GOOD for other countries laws because india laws cant hurt him (i hope).
lol and then thats what they get for out sourcing. +2 for hitting Multiple birds with one stone.

GodsHand3269d ago

Well atleast he did not take her sex tape, or did he?

But yeah that's what she gets, stuff I don't want to seen by others, I protect, and removed from the computer that I let others use. Not that I have much to hide, I don't have nude pics, I would want any of myself thats for sure, and I grew out of the porn d/l scene a while back once I got out of high school. Was fun, and exciting at first, but after a while it got boring, and so damm much out it out there, it's ridiculous.

Sashamaz3269d ago

I hate any company that puts their call centres in india

hateguy3269d ago

well she was the idiot, I also work in a call center and custumers call because they cant watch porn videos of their husbands,girfriends, etc.Of course I really don care but some times you want to vomit. I want to say this to any custumer calling with videos of ther husband " Mine is bigger" XD