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Ars Review: Magic Trackpad or tragic Mac pad?

Ars Technica writes: "The ability to perform multitouch gestures on my desktop Mac is welcome. The less precise nature of using a trackpad instead of a mouse is not so fun sometimes—it's tolerable, but annoying. Apple's design is, of course, sleek and well-done, so at least the device is large enough to be useable without being too large. At least half of my childhood complaints about a trackpad on a desktop were addressed with the Magic Trackpad, though the addition of multitouch gestures do push it over into favorable territory for me."

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ColorWare's Magic Trackpad magically eliminates 145 magic dollars from your magic bank account

Engadget: Look: if you want an all-red Magic Trackpad, we can't and won't judge you. We can, however, judge you for spending $145 for the privilege of getting it.

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Simple hack turns the Magic Trackpad into a USB-powered affair

Engadget: While many hacks we feature on these virtual pages are terrifyingly complex, this one is anything but. Even more surprising, it's actually useful. Mark Bog decided to tether his Magic Trackpad to the sweet, endless power supply of his computer over USB, instead of swapping out AAs endlessly.

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Never paid attention
but you are telling me that in 2010 apple releases devices that still use AA Batteries....


HeraldScotland Hands on : Apple Magic Trackpad

HeraldScotland : Although largely unchanged since its invention in the 1960s, the mouse has transformed computers from using impenetrable key combinations to intuitive point-and-click systems accessible to all.

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