Proving It: Wind-Powered Cart Goes Faster Than the Wind

Keith Barry of Wired:The results are in and a new record has been set in a new category after a wind-powered vehicle officially traveled downwind faster than the wind.

Naysayers said it couldn’t be done, but Rick Cavallaro and the crew at proved it could be by actually doing it. They made the record runs during the July 4th weekend at El Mirage, California. The North American Land Sailing Association made it official Tuesday when it ratified the results: The DWFTTW cart traveled directly downwind at 2.8 times the wind speed.

The achievement means the record books, physics texts and even that Christopher Cross song will all have to be rewritten. Barring the exposure of an international aerodynamicist conspiracy, the question has been settled once and for all. Not that we expect the fierce debate to end quietly.

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