Intel develops first photonics-based, 50Gbps chip

Intel provided a peek at the future of processors today by revealing the first instance of a chip using complete photonics to send data.

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Azazel4351d ago

Sending a 720p movie in 1 second?? Thats very impressive!

I can only wonder what computers/ tech/ and consoles will be like in 10 years, I gotta give it ti Intel; well done.

GodsHand4351d ago

Can be capable to move a 720p movie in 1 sec, but what about the storage device, will it be able to write that date in a second? I doubt it. Until they can improve that storage device bottle neck, this tech will most likely be hindered by todays computers of not being able to write/read date at the rate displayed on box.

Azazel4351d ago

I wonder if this technology can be used for media storage; a re-design of the standard HDD of sorts. You have a good point though. Of course it will be years until this tech can be integrated and perfected anyways.

Off topic but, I will never forget the time my first PS3 blu-ray drive went on me, SONY's direct quote to me was "blu-ray is a new technology and it has not been perfected yet". I just thought "why is it out then?" LOL.

Of course you can't compare this article to that but what you said kind of made me think of the problems new tech can expect with old tech.

fatstarr4350d ago

SOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo
Mores law is to be reborn
take that analysts. this changes everything and coming technologies too.

And above has a good point but you have to remember if you build it they will come
SSD's have busted out of the gates so i am sure they will come up with graphics cards and hdds that can compete with this system and not bottleneck.

lol remember bill gates ram quote?