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Xerox earns soar following ACS buyout, shares pop

Yahoo writes: "Xerox Corp.'s net income jumped 62 percent in the second quarter as the company reaped the benefits of its $6 billion acquisition of outsourcer Affiliated Computer Services and notched strong printer sales. Shares leapt 6 percent after the company raised its 2010 guidance.

The numbers, reported Thursday, show the effects of Xerox's transformation with the ACS acquisition and underline the fact that companies are spending more on technology as their budgets mend. That trend has been illuminated in the past couple of weeks by other heavyweights such as Intel Corp., IBM Corp. and EMC Corp."

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Xerox Alto Is Rebuilt and Reconnected by the Living Computer Museum

It’s one thing to read about a true breakthrough, something else to see it in action


Xerox PARC develops Mission Impossible-style self-destructing computer chips

TechSpot: Engineers at R&D company Xerox PARC have developed a computer chip that can explode on demand as part of DARPA’s Vanishing Programmable Resources project. The chips are designed to shatter into tiny pieces, ensuring that no one is able to reconstruct them and read their contents.

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Chiplets: Xerox’s grand vision for next-generation computer assembly

Extremetech: A new way to build computers is on the horizon, and Xerox intends to be the company that brings it to us. Their new technique, known as xerographic micro-assembly, breaks down old-fashioned silicon chip designs into thousands of tiny chiplets, and then custom assembles them with an advanced and mysterious 3D printing machine.

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