Don't You Dare Laugh At This Guy's $50,000 iPod

Gizmodo: If you dare chuckle about the $50,000 diamond iPod hanging from pro boxer Floyd Mayweather's neck, please be sure he doesn't hear you. Because otherwise you may never be able to giggle again.

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Syko4324d ago

Manny Pacquiao laughed at Mayweather's iPod...Mayweather just made excuses and ducked him as fast as possible.

Mayweather is as weak as that bedazzled iPod around his neck...Pacquiao would slap him in the mouth and take his iPod at will. ha ha.

Speed-Racer4323d ago

I thought that was HipHopGamer for a sec

vhero4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I'd laugh at anybody who buys an ipod over a superior android phone let alone a special edition one. Of course hes not got an iphone so thats beside the point..