Microsoft to give Windows Phone 7s to every employee

Microsoft is in a giving mood, as it emerged this week that the company is planning to give every single employee a new Windows Phone 7 handset when the devices launch later this year

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Syko4695d ago (Edited 4695d ago )

I am really interested in seeing these phones actually in action...I doubt I could leave my love for Android but I can't wait to see what Windows Phone 7 can do.

iforgotmylogin4695d ago

Prepared to be disappointed.
its not going to compare to either of the giants.
it will just be windows updated for phones to look better.

Syko4695d ago

Fair enough, but the one thing I have to give Microsoft is they always get one or two things spot on...While the whole package might not be the next revolution in mobile OS, I guarantee they will nail a few killer things that will be copied.

naimatkhan4695d ago

Nice way of advertising and motivating the employees.