Plextor ships PX-B120U USB-powered Blu-ray drive for $100

Engadget: We aren't saying your nifty new netbook can actually handle the stresses of playing back a Blu-ray Disc, but if your USB-equipped laptop has the oomph, Plextor has a new device to bring the spoils of BD to your previously lackluster machine.

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Plextor M9PeY 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD review – Pokde

Fast, cool and pretty, the Plextor M9PeY checks every box when it comes to what you would expect from a good NVMe PCIe SSD. And hey, it even comes with RGB!


Plextor MP8eY 256GB PCIe SSD review - Great NVMe drive with reasonable price tag - Pokde

Plextor MP8eY 256GB offers great performance to boost productivity. With blazing fast transfer speed it could be a huge benefit for gamers and video editor.


Plextor Readies Performance Enhancing Firmware for M5 Pro SSD

Maximum PC: Wouldn't it be awesome if, after buying a new sports car, the dealership called you in for a free tuneup that netted you additional horsepower at no cost? Unfortunately, life doesn't always work that way, just don't tell that to Plextor. The former optical drive player that now concentrates its efforts on solid state drives (SSDs) just announced the availability of its 100K Extreme firmware update for its M5 Pro SSD line.

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