Netwitness Visualize: Bringing Network Data Extraction and Assembly to the Next Step

Geeks are Sexy writes: "Being in charge of network security can be a daunting task, especially when threats mutate on a daily basis. There are loads of tools out there that help with these tasks, and one more tool has been added to the security toolkit: NetWitness Visualize.

Using the enterprise full packet capture of NetWitness, it is now possible to extract key pieces of content that flow across the network and assemble it in a way that allows analysts to quickly navigate to important content types. Want to see all of the PDF files on the network? How about all of the VOIP calls made from your developers group? You can tell by the photos of shoes and dresses that Suzy in the HR department has a clothes shopping habit, while Steve in Sales took photos of a white board displaying a beta product mockup with his cellphone and sent it to a competitor."

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