Cnet Hands-on look at Firefox Home for iPhone

Cnet: "Apple isn't likely to allow Firefox or any other competing HTML Web browser on its iOS platform anytime soon, but Mozilla's Firefox Home for iPhone, released to the App Store late last week, does at least bring the heart of the Firefox browser to your iPhone: your URLs.

Before getting into what Firefox Home is, you should know that a browser is the one important thing it's not.
Firefox Home is not a WebKit browser, though it does incorporate a WebKit viewer, and unlike Opera Mini for iPhone, it's not a proxy-based Web browser that displays prerendered Web pages.

Instead, Firefox Home is essentially a syncing app that ties into the cloud-based Firefox Sync service that stores data about your browsing history, bookmarks, and open browser tabs online. Once you set up Firefox Sync as an extension to Firefox on your computer, you'll be able to log into Firefox Home from the iPhone and start accessing those URLs."

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