5 Reasons That Failed Google’s Nexus One

Google has announced that they will discontinue the Nexus One as soon as their phone stocks have depleted. Google's Nexus One had been a failure despite the success of the Android Operating System that powered it.

Speed-Racer4706d ago

Im not sure I agree with point 2. I have a Nexus One and its an awesome phone. Would never even consider getting the iPhone 4 now unless Apple came up with something extraordinary... like the ability to time travel or something. Otherwise... no.

internetish4706d ago

Higher resolution, sleek, video calling, hd recording, gyro.

Speed-Racer4706d ago

yet the N1 is still rated higher on many reviews ... just a few features cooler but its not worth it to ditch my n1 any time soon. go waste ur money on an iphone.

Speed-Racer4705d ago

@internetish - i should also mention that the n1 didnt come out just the other day, so you cant make a feature to feature comparison since it would be slightly dated compared to the ifail 4.

inbetweener4706d ago

I thought I was reading an article translated by google. Did anyone proofread this?

naimatkhan4706d ago

I don't agree with this Article! Google Nexus One wasn't a failure!

Apollyn4706d ago

I disagree with 90% the article I love my nexus 1. And I'm not keen on iPhones at all. I'm pretty sure every nexus owner would agree the phones fantastic.