Growing Number of Prosecutions for Videotaping the Police

ABC: "That Anthony Graber broke the law in early March is indisputable. He raced his Honda motorcycle down Interstate 95 in Maryland at 80 mph, popping a wheelie, roaring past cars and swerving across traffic lanes.

But it wasn't his daredevil stunt that has the 25-year-old staff sergeant for the Maryland Air National Guard facing the possibility of 16 years in prison. For that, he was issued a speeding ticket. It was the video that Graber posted on YouTube one week later -- taken with his helmet camera -- of a plainclothes state trooper cutting him off and drawing a gun during the traffic stop near Baltimore."

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romalias24360d ago

WTH is wrong with the world today, when cops can video tape us without our consent, but if we happen to catch them doing something they obviously shouldn't be doing. The cops raid our apartments, this is not a free country, this is a police country.

The government wants a dumb public who is easily controlled by the massing of police officers. Just wait we aren't far from becoming a dictatorship if these things are allowed to continue.

It's our own fault too, or at least the majority of the voters fault. We are the ones who keep voting that officers should have these "rights" to be above the laws they are meant to uphold. It infuriates me every time I see something like this, this officer never even showed his badge, he simply pulled a gun on an un armed man.