Could a China/US Partnership Cure Oil Addiction?

TechNewsWorld writes: "There is a growing consensus that China will replace the U.S. as the world's leading superpower in this century, just as the U.S. replaced Great Britain in last one. In the last century, it was the difference between world commerce and manufacturing capacity that mattered; now, the shift could actually be tied to technological advancement in areas like transportation and electrical power.

Lenovo, one of the first successful U.S./Chinese companies, has been doing very well of late. Recently, another U.S. firm, ZAP, which makes fleet electric cars, merged with a large Chinese car company to explore this same cooperative route.

Perhaps the future of both countries could be brighter with cooperation for the betterment of each. Companies like Lenovo and ZAP represent the potential of this cooperation. I'll share my thoughts on that subject and then close with my product of the week."

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