News sites reining in nasty user comments

CNN: "User comments on news sites, while vital to interactive storytelling in the digital age, often read like scribblings on a bathroom stall: anonymous, offensive and full of hate.

"I hate what you people, and by that I mean the blacks, are doing to this city," wrote one Buffalo News reader last month in response to a story about a local shooting. "Each area you move too [sic] quickly becomes over run [sic] with crime, loud music [at] all hours, adults swearing and screaming at kids, children playing in the street, porches with beer and garbage thrown all around."

Rants like this one prompted the Buffalo, New York, newspaper to discontinue anonymous user comments on its website as of August 2. Commenters will be required to register with their name, city of residence and phone number -- more information that most news sites require -- and staffers will attempt to verify their identities."

Speed-Racer4965d ago

- have no comments section (older days)
- have them register with unique verified email addresses or fb profiles etc

Comments imo are not necessary a big benefit to a site's revenue...if your content is awesome and you do the right marketing, your site will succeed with or without comments. I used to do gaming journalism some time back and reading the ridiculous and most times, unrelated comments, it got to me. I couldn't stand taking my good time to write a piece to end up with a discussion about who PedoBear raped.

fatstarr4964d ago

I despise websites that integrate fb/twitter into commenting system. and then they wonder why identity theft is so high.

Speed-Racer4964d ago

I dont mind fb integration but not with the FB OpenGraph/Devcode offered by fb themselves. I rather use Disqus or IntenseDebate. nonetheless I use my Discus or anonymous profile. From an admin POV, Im glad when people use profiles because it's easy to moderate duplicate accounts.

On a separate point, the BBC, Telegraph, and a number of other sites have no comment section, and they rank within the top 100 sites on the web.... content content content. Who needs someone whining....could be demotivating sometimes.


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