HTC Desire Vs Legend: Features Comparison

HTC Legend and HTC Desire came out in September and have become one of the top selling android phones. Here is a brief comparison between both of the phones.


The new HTC Desire 10 is Simply Gorgeous

The HTC Desire 10 was just introduced and it is possibly the sexiest handset on the market at this time. It's simple, yet elegant.

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pressjudge2799d ago

It has a design that really fits my expectations. The black combined with soft gold lines. It really make a cool business phone

Pikachuuu2799d ago

I agree with you. This design resembles Vertu Phones in a way.

mac_02799d ago

It looks premium, I'm curious if the plastic will feel premium. Nothing compares to the feel of metal in your hands.

Slappy McGee2799d ago

Weight does not = premium

Why do people want bricks in their pockets? Processor, HDD size, RAM, Battery size, Operating system. Those are what's important. The only thing that should matter in how it feels is if buttons and functions are reasonably laid out for smooth and efficient operation.

mac_02798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Some people want to feel a pleasant texture. To most of them metal feels nicer than plastic.

007Tech2799d ago

this will make manufacturers rethink abt their design!

Sahil2798d ago

OMG.. It is gorgeous.

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HTC Desire 10 Pro render leaked

What we didn’t know until then is just how exactly will the HTC Desire 10 Pro look like. Evan Blass has got us covered, again, and, if the press render above is legit, we’re looking at said HTC Desire 10 Pro.

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HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle detailed: Design and audio focus, launching September

HTC is working on a pair of mid-range, Desire-class smartphones for release later this quarter, according to someone briefed on the company's plans. The phones will be branded in line with the company's 2016 flagship, the HTC 10, said the person, as the Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Lifestyle. Only details of the latter handset were shared with VentureBeat.

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