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Pocket-lint: Nokia N8 & Dolby Mobile hands-on

Pocket-lint: Indeed, it seems that, with the ability to output 5.1 crisp audio from a mobile device, it has reinvigorated interest in multichannel music from a few of the major studios. After the failure of DVD-Audio and SACD, could the humble mobile phone be the route to bring 5.1 music to the masses?

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Spot the pattern: Nokia Lumia 1020 hangs out with 808 PureView and N8

Engadget - Since Nokia's released yet another phone with a big camera, we thought it'd be fun to let this Lumia 1020 meet its glorious pixel-loving forerunners. These are, of course, the 808 PureView and the N8 that bucked the trend of phone photography during their time. In terms of sensors, the 1020 comes with a new 1/1.5-inch, 41-megapixel BSI sensor, which is smaller than the 808's 1/1.2-inch, non-BSI offering of the same resolution. Still, both chips are understandably larger than the N8's 1/1.83-inch, 12-megapixel sensor, which may sound less exciting but was well ahead of its time. We'll try and get some sample shots from each of these in a moment for a quick comparison, so until then, enjoy our hands-on photos below.

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Video: Nokia 808 PureView vs Nokia N8, Belle FP1

Nokia Blog - Here’s a video comparing the Nokia N8 with the new Nokia 808 PureView. The N8 seems to have some Belle FP1 style mod going on there.

The N8 is the oldest of the S^3 bunch, so performance difference would be a bigger gap than say, the 701. It might just be the wallpapers, but the 808′s screen just pops out in terms of the vividness. And that’s through video.

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Camera showdown: iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4, Galaxy S II, Nokia N8 and Amaze 4G

Engadget - Siri's sweet and all, but for many of us that new eight megapixel sensor and f/2.4 aperture lens are what really makes Apple's iPhone 4S an appealing upgrade. We spent the weekend shooting around New York City with the iPhone 4S, along with some other top smartphones -- the iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S II, Nokia N8 and HTC's Amaze 4G -- in order to determine just which phone's camera reigns supreme.

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Well i think "Nokia N8" wins.