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Scientists discover bizarre deep sea creatures

CNN: "Australian scientists have discovered never-seen-before prehistoric marine life in the depths of the ocean below the Great Barrier Reef, the University of Queensland said Wednesday.

Ancient “six-gilled” sharks, giant oil fish, swarms of crustaceans and many unidentified fish – all of which look worthy of a science-fiction film – were among the astounding marine life caught on camera some 1,400 meters (4,593 feet) below sea level."

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no_more_heroes4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

but think about it, if freakish creatures beyond our wildest imaginations exist right here beneath our feet, imagine what out there in space.

Oh, and watch Discovery Channel's 5-part "Planet Earth" documentary if you want to see some truly breathtaking footage of Earth.

three words:
1. Lechuguilla
2. Blind Salamanders

life truly is diverse