Samsung Galaxy S vs HTC Desire

Pocket-Lint: It’s about time another mobile manufacturer had a go at challenging for Android smartphone supremacy. For the last nearly 2 years HTC has had it all its own way. The Taiwanese company was the first to bring out a Google phone with the G1. It was then responsible for the first Android big hit in the shape of the Hero and now it’s got a model right up there challenging the iPhone for top spot in the shape of the HTC Desire. However, when Samsung’s on your trail, you can never really relax.

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fatstarr4417d ago

Great article...
I wish the galaxy s would come to Verizon. Instant update for me.

Serg4416d ago

The Galaxy S is awesome, TouchWiz and the overall iPhone look sucks, but at least software wise the issue is easily solved by swapping the Home Screen and App Launcher. It's lighning quick and rumour has it Froyo will be available by August.

The SuperAMOLED screen is gorgeous, black is black, not greyish, the colours are bright and vibrant. Plus it can register an infinite number of pressure points, the program Dotty can demonstrate this, even though the program is capped at 5 pressure points. Battery life is ok, still you need to recharge daily if you use it a lot.