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Malicious attack on NZXT results in a fake out-of-business announcement

Yesterday subscribers to hardware manufacturer NZXT's newsletter got a sober and well-written announcement that they were going out of business. Moments later, another letter came announcing that this was not the case. Today they released a statement claiming that they were the victims of a malicious attack on their website.

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qch20024373d ago

Man... I was worried about NZXT

Bandrik4372d ago

I'm actually glad it was announced to be what it was. Better than some "standby" goodbye letter or not knowing at all what happened.

And yes, I'm thrilled that NZXT is still around. It's likely, due to what I've heard in the Icrontic community, that my next case will be NZXT case.

Though pardon me if I ever pronounce them as "NEXT", as the "Z" in their name always screws with my brain.

GodsHand4372d ago

I have a case made my them, nice, but needs improvements of having better access to the front intake fan, and floppy drive bays, as I recently installed a multi-card reader.

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