MobileBeat Up close with the Dell Streak tablet: Is it a computer or a phone?

MobileBeat: "Dell has a lot of catch-up to do when it comes to creating cool devices like Apple has. A key piece of that strategy is the Dell Streak tablet, a tablet device that has a 5-inch multitouch touchscreen and can make web phone calls.

The Android-based Streak is launching sometime this summer in the U.S.. O2 has already launched the device in its stores in the United Kingdom. It is billed as a device that will help you live your digital life on the go, allowing you to play thousands of Android Market widgets, games and apps. It has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G connectivity. You can use it to download music or videos, update your social networking status, and stay connected with people via e-mail, text messages, instant messages and voice calls."

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Why Size Does Matter: Are Larger Smartphone Screens the Future?

So industry 'experts' think that smartphones with larger touchscreens aren't the future. We are all apparently happy with 3.5 inch phones and are shunning larger devices. I can think of about 10 million reasons why this isn't true. But there is a good point to come out of this -- when does a smartphone become a tablet?

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Prophet-Gamer4538d ago

If the phones just keep getting bigger we might as well all just carry around pads. I'm okay with current size of smart-phone screens, imo there's no need to keep making them bigger.

TheEatingVodka4538d ago

4-4.1 inches for the screen is enough.

Gondee4538d ago

If they would utilize the device better we could see 5 inch screens on devices of the same size as now.


Dell US now offering Streak unlocked with Froyo, in Cherry Red

Engadget: We knew good and well that Android 2.2 was sneaking out and making itself active on Dell's unlocked Streak units, but now it seems that the backlog of older units has been cleared. That has made way for new stock over at Dell's US site, with a 16GB Carbon Black unlocked Streak going for $579.99 with Froyo from the factory; the 32GB model is listed at $678.99. Curiously, that 16GB model is $30 more than what the unlocked Android 1.6 model went for back in August.

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Pocket-Lint: Dell Streak Android 2.2 update hands on

Pocket-Lint: Dell has updated its 5-inch Dell Streak tablet-come-phone to Android 2.2 this week, and Pocket-lint has managed to grab a handset off Dell for a quick review to see what’s new and what the update brings users.

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