MobileBeat Up close with the Dell Streak tablet: Is it a computer or a phone?

MobileBeat: "Dell has a lot of catch-up to do when it comes to creating cool devices like Apple has. A key piece of that strategy is the Dell Streak tablet, a tablet device that has a 5-inch multitouch touchscreen and can make web phone calls.

The Android-based Streak is launching sometime this summer in the U.S.. O2 has already launched the device in its stores in the United Kingdom. It is billed as a device that will help you live your digital life on the go, allowing you to play thousands of Android Market widgets, games and apps. It has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G connectivity. You can use it to download music or videos, update your social networking status, and stay connected with people via e-mail, text messages, instant messages and voice calls."

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