New proton measurements may throw physics a curve

Ars Technica: "We may have been overestimating the proton for the last 60 years, if a new experiment has anything to say about it. A group of researchers have tried a new method of measuring the proton's radius that involved getting a muon to orbit it instead of an electron. The new approach is ten times more accurate than the way it has been done since the invention of quantum mechanics, and it has produced a value for the proton's radius that is four percent smaller than the currently accepted one. Either the new measurement is correct and the proton is actually smaller, or quantum electrodynamics theory needs an adjustment."

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Apple to Release Immersive Video Content of 2023 MLS Playoffs on Vision Pro

Apple announced that its Major League Soccer Season Pass (through Apple TV) will include new immersive video content covering the 2023 playoffs. Apple TV is the exclusive provider of online Major League Soccer broadcasts via the MLS Season Pass subscription.

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Odysseus mission to be cut short after moon lander's sideways touchdown

Engineers expect to lose contact with the private US moon lander Odysseus on Tuesday, cutting short the mission after its sideways touchdown last week.

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How Meta Is Preparing for the EU’s 2024 Parliament Elections

As the election approaches,Meta plans to activate an Elections Operations Center to identify potential threats and put mitigations in place in real time.

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