Cowon V5W PMP Gives You Full HD Video

PMP Today: Korean PMP maker COWON has now reappeared with an iteration of their COWON V5 HD, which was announced earlier this year.

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ClickOnline Review - Cowon C2

The long awaited sucessor to the D2 arrives and it's looking very familiar. Can Cowon's near budget offering deliver on the potential of its other players?

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Cowon invites 3D and Wi-Fi to its PMP party

Pocket-Lint: Like the look of the Cowon X7 that landed in the UK recently? Got 249 of the Queen's finest pounds all piled up and ready to blow on one?

If so, we've one word for you - "Whoa" (that's English for stop a horse).

Because Cowon has just unleashed a beast of a PMP over in South Korea, with glasses free 3D, Full 1080p HD and Wi-Fi on board as well.

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