Is Microsoft Toast?

Laptop Magazine: "Six weeks. That's how long it took for Microsoft to yank those silly Kin phones for tweens off the market. And I could see it coming from a mile away."

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"The only way for Microsoft to remain a force in tech is to not only nail the launch of Windows Phone 7, but to press the reset button on its tablet strategy, just as it did with Windows Mobile. The company should also consider replacing Zune as a brand with Xbox for gaming and entertainment across all connected devices, including PCs and TVs. Microsoft isn’t completely toast, but I do smell something burning."

Win Phone 7 wont have that big of an impact imo its a little late. Droid and Apple have taken over with some phone o's here and there. The tablet if they pull it off right at affordable spec competitive hardware maybe. No comment on the zune thing i have a zuneHD pretty decent. Microsoft needs to win the pc front and stop trying to compete.

The way i see it theres like 12 companys in the tech industry and they all try to do everything

Microsoft Owns The PC market with die hard pc fan boys like myself which they tend to neglect.

Google owns the internet.
Apple has music
Nintendo Handhelds
Sony idk?

but get the point. Over saturation imo.


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Is nothing sacred?

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