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3PAR Vs. The Giants

Forbes writes: "3PAR sells virtualized storage systems, competing against giants including EMC, Oracle and Hewlett-Packard. CEO David Scott has a unique take on how both storage and cloud computing will evolve. He believes the current wave of industry consolidation won't hurt 3PAR's success."


Dell declines to revise aquisition bid for 3PAR

Dell is not going to increase its most recent proposal to acquire 3PAR. Instead, the company has ended its discussions regarding a potential acquisition. Dell is entitled to receive a $72 million break-up fee from 3PAR upon the termination of its merger agreement.

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HP trumps Dell's bid for 3PAR

A week after Dell announced a recommended $1.15bn (£741m) bid for 3PAR, HP has made a $1.6bn counter offer.
HP, which is being led by chief financial officer turned interim chief executive Cathie Lesjak following Mr Hurd's departure, said its bid is "substantially superior" to its rival, and said it is ready to seal a deal once 3PAR's board rips up its takeover agreement with Dell.

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