100 Chrome Experiments and counting

Chrome Blog: Last year we launched Chrome Experiments, a website showcasing innovative web experiments built with open standards like JavaScript and HTML5. Today we’re pleased to announce that the site now points to 100 experiments -- each one made, hosted, and submitted by programmers from around the world.

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Chrome OS Flex can turn any computer into a Chromebook

One of the things in short supply during the pandemic is computer hardware. Everything from PC components and Macs to Chromebooks has been scarce, but what if you could turn an aging computer you already own into a Chromebook?

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Google to bring an update for Chrome OS: Here're the details

The company will also bring an update for Chrome OS-powered laptops in March 2021, along with the epic list of Chromebook's features

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Chrome OS is getting a built-in screen reader and accessibility improvements

The bulk of these features could arrive as early as next month, with the most prominent arguably being the new built-in screen recording feature.

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