Justifying The iPad: How Apple’s New Device Replaced My Laptop|Crush! Frag! Destroy!

CFD!'s Sage Knox makes his case for Apple's newest device:

"It’s been called “worthless,” “a big iPod Touch,” and “an unnecessary step between a smartphone and a laptop.” Depending on your financial situation and your level of experience with Apple’s iPad, you might tend to agree with the aforementioned statements.

"I don’t remember a more highly-anticipated and highly-controversial piece of consumer electronics ever having the same exact affect on people only after they’ve used it: the iPad is magical. I’ve never experienced anyone who hasn’t been absolutely spellbound by the tablet. Maybe it’s the simple, familiar interface or the beautiful screen, or perhaps it’s the feeling of being in an episode of Star Trek, complete with data pad. Whatever it is, the shortcomings of the iPad are easily overlooked once you hold it in your own hands."

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acronkyoung4425d ago

My wife wants an ipad, but I have trouble justifying that price point.

ShadowPraxis4425d ago

I have problems justifying any of Apple's prices, to be honest. Then again, I didn't write the piece. Heh.