Tom's Hardware - Six-Core Analysis, Part 2: Intel Core i7-980X Scaling

Tom's Hardware: "After having looked at AMD’s six-core Phenom II X6 across all of its possible core configurations, it’s time to do the same with Intel’s Core i7-980X flagship. How do performance, power consumption, and power efficiency change when fewer cores are utilized? Is the 32 nm Core i7 top model best with all six cores, or does some combination of fewer core deliver the optimal experience?"

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Is the Intel LGA 1366 Socket still worth getting?

There has been a lot of news about the all new processors that Intel has been rolling out. We haven't heard anything about LGA 1366 in quite a while. With rumors of it being discontinued stretching as far as over a year ago, it makes you wonder... is the Intel LGA 1366 Socket still a good buy?

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Naota4822d ago

At least you do not have to worry about the SATA being messed up on these. =) And there are plenty chipset offerings with support for USB3 and new new SATA

toaster4822d ago

Yeah if you're still looking at the very very high end then 1366 is the only platform at the moment. Hexacores, dual Xeons, 24GB of RAM, etc.. 1156 only has 16 lanes of PCIe bandwidth as well and some people have multiple (4+) PCIe cards.


Desktop PC Platform: Killed By Overclocking

Benchmark Reviews: Enthusiasts have lost sight of the original purpose behind overclocking, which was made popular because it could make something slow become fast, thereby getting something more for your money. Then at some point the computer industry went from asking consumers to pay more for the faster products, to demanding you pay more for products you might be able to make faster. This article will focus on one of the lesser-known threats to the desktop PC platform: overclocking.

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treylathikes5003d ago

I think it's always been about bragging rights more than need. Forget about the special products to facilitate those users who wanted to overclock and can afford it. If you're a true overclocker, you won't buy any of the off-the-shelf, top-line overclockable products, but instead take more simple hardware to a faster level -- like the article says. It's all about the challenge. That said, fast hardware is cheaper than ever these days and unless you're a hobbyist, it's not really worth overclocking.


The 5 GHz, Six-Core Project: Core i7-980X Gets Chilly

Tom’s Hardware has been ringing the 5 GHz bell for years, yet those efforts have never yielded a practical daily-use solution. Today we take a look at how far off-the-shelf parts can take us with an ambitious 5 GHz, six-core overclocking project.

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5046d ago