Tom's Guide: HDTV With Dozens of Apps, Reviewed

Tom's Guide: "At the turn of the century, HDTV was just beginning to make a substantial mark in the world of consumer electronics. Since then, there has not really been a revolution in TV technology, just the occasional incremental upgrade, until now. 3D TV is now here and is poised to make an exponentially-growing splash in the market, and alongside that, manufacturers are really tuning into Internet content directly from the TV without any sort of external set-top box, PC connection, or storage device.

One of the leaders in this arena is Samsung. It began to roll out Internet-compatible TVs a couple years ago, but only a very few gave it a second look. However, 2010 is a milestone year for the industry with a lot of fundamental changes happening, and the idea of Internet-connected TV sets is becoming popular among consumers and TV makers."

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