BroadBandGenie Review: The HTC HD2

Everyone may be going on about the new Apple iPhone 4, for both good and bad reasons, but the simple truth is that not everyone can afford one. Also, despite what they may have you believe, that isn't the only handset in the world with a pretty full and impressive feature set.

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Headset-Only Version Of The Cosmos Elite Will Sell For $549

Starting in April, HTC will start shipping a headset-only option for the Vive Cosmos Elite, along with a free copy of Half-Life: Alyx, for $549.


HTC's Vive Cosmos has the company's highest-resolution screens to date

Here are the specs of the Vive Cosmos.

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Deadline Approaches for Vive X Submissions

Time is running out for start-ups to apply to be part of Batch 4 of the Vive X Accelerator programme.