10 Technologies That Should Be Extinct (But Aren't)

PcWorld: Got an urgent message you need to transmit immediately? Sending a telegram is likely not the first option that comes to mind. And when it's time to boogie down, you probably don't shove a cassette into your 8-track player or slap an LP onto your phonograph.

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fatstarr4893d ago

lOl this article has yet to see the benefits. I found out recently that technology from the past lasts and do things better than the new fragile prissy stuff.
you can hit your old tv with a ball but that shiny 1080P tv you better forget about it.

8. Disc Drives
will never be dead as long as the consumer likes to Archive and backup files on cheap affordable physical discs there will always be a need. Im taking my disks to the grave.

6. Cash Registers
its a symbol of trust and reliance for money and a majority of the population cant see a store without one.

5. Turntables
they have been digitized for new life with programs like serato itch and such. and as long as theirs a DJ or world Dmc competitions these wont die anytime soon 40+ year old technology and there still hasn't been a successor.

3. Fax Machines
I hate them you hate them but businesses love them. its easier to get signatures from faxes than a computer.

2. Typewriters
I know from being around Accountants a lot that typewriters are a must a lot of the time for a standard payment form or purchase order especially if people have crappy handwriting.


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