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Attention Dash Fans Around The World

Gina from Sony Style: A few months back, I posted the article “Dash Personal Internet Viewer:Your Questions Answered”. There, I received a ton of feedback looking for the Dash to work outside the US.

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Hulu Plus comes to the Sony Dash, Justin Bieber is so stoked

Engadget: The Sony Dash gets a bit of a bum wrap. Sure, we wish it was a little more tablet, a little less alarm clock, but Justin Bieber loves his. You know what else The Biebs likes? Cutting cable! Now that Hulu Plus is on his Sony Dash he can totally kick Time Warner to the curb, which is worthy of a trending Twitter topic if we ever saw one. He's too young for HBO, anyway.

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Sony Dash, attractive, versatile, but moving at a stroll

Edward C. Baig, USA Today writes: "Sony's Dream Machine clock radios have been bedside fixtures. Now, Sony has come out with an alarm clock that befits the cyberage. It's the touch-screen Sony Dash that I've been testing, and it'll wake you up with a music video or Internet radio."

"To typecast Dash as an alarm clock is to sell it short. Dash also functions as a digital photo frame for Facebook or Photobucket pictures. It serves up Martha Stewart recipes and Facebook and Twitter status updates. You can browse TheNew York Times or Engadget headlines or watch YouTube— even take in a full-length flick from Amazon's video on demand or Netflix. Wi-Fi is built right in."

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