What is Facebook fatigue?

Are you checking out Facebook less often than you once were? Are you losing interest in the games and in joining Facebook groups? If so, you are not alone. According to Shannon Proudfoot of Canwest News, this phenomenon, known as Facebook Fatique, is spreading. She quotes percentages to show that the majority of users who are increasingly becoming disinterested in using Facebook are mainly teenagers. Many of them have just lost interest in the site with their friends not being on the site as often as they used to be.

fatstarr5042d ago (Edited 5042d ago )

So the casuals and teens are starting to quit the online mmorpg known as social life. Yess reclaiming the internet 1 step at a time.

But article needs to take into consideration that the population for facebook will be super high in the winter and fall than vs spring and summer because people are out and about, working and not in school.

Speed-Racer5042d ago

Im 22 and I could say Im suffering from the same thing... lol

I guess the fun behind looking at pictures or playing games is gone. I just use it to message people now, but thats about it really. Unless they come up with something huge soon, maybe Facebook may soon see some kind of plateau effect with regards to their traffic.

@fatstarr - Agreed on those points... but I think High Schools in particular are cracking down on FB usage now. Theyve banned it where I work as well (so I come to Techspy xD)

fatstarr5041d ago

I see so the myspace effect is starting to take place. Lol back then it was proxies now People will use remote desktop and software like that to get around the blocks. Websense is the worst if you are the user and best if you are the customer.

Speed-Racer5041d ago

I dunno exactly what software they use to manage it but they pretty much have everything on lock down. ALL proxies get blocked, ports are inaccessible (whether it be manual or remote access)... so we're screwed. The IT guy knows how to bypass it but if he does he could lose his job. SO i just settle for the 1 bar of Wifi signal from across the street on my coffee breaks.

fatstarr5041d ago

Sounds like websense to me. From what i remember websense was a security network that learned from every customer that used their service and then it collectively put all proxies and bypass methods in a database and Blocked them all. You can always use a VPN or Some other methods. Also cant you tether your cellphone to the computers?

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