YouTube Hacked, Justin Bieber Gets the Worst of It

Mashable:Today, members of the Internet communities _____ and and other enterprising computer whizzes hacked YouTube using a vulnerability in the site’s comment system. While the hack was used on a variety of videos, striking music videos featuring teen pop idol Justin Bieber was the most popular activity.

Twitter lit up with complaints about the problem, Google support got some concerned posts on its forum, and we received tips in our inbox. The event caused quite a Sunday-morning stir.

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fatstarr4429d ago

I feel sorry for the kids. Some Justin w/e his name is vids were really porn vids and scary gore stuff. Lol this hack really broke open a door.First it was comment blocking, then random/inappropriate scrolling text, then page blackouts, then javascript exploits, then popups it just went on and on and on from like 11pm last night.

GodsHand4428d ago

Didnt this happen a week or two ago. I tired to posting a comment, but was not able to. Could be coincidence.

fatstarr4428d ago

It happened this weekend on a Massive scale so it got noticed but this exploit seems to have been around for a while.

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