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Why Jailbreaking Isn't Worth It

I bought my iPad just a few short weeks ago, and it only took a couple of minutes for me to fall deeply in love with the little device. I named it River, and there hasn’t been a single day since day one where I haven’t used her to browse the web, listen to music, check my email and maybe play some games. I loved how simple the interface was, I loved how fluid everything worked and I loved how beautiful she looked, both inside and outside.

I loved nearly everything about River.

But then Apple announced iOS4. Both iPhones and iPod Touches were getting multitasking (among other things), but they were leaving the iPad out in the cold until August. Saddened, though I was at the time, I didn’t much care because I was still under the initial spell of “iPad is god”.

It wasn’t until one night, one random night, that I became jealous of the iOS 4 users.

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