Android 3.0 will hurt more than it will help

Tekgoblin writes:

Reports are surfacing like what you saw already on this site about Android 3.0 already in development. There are some pretty hefty requirements for it, too. These requirements are going to be doing some major damage to the current offering of Android devices.

Android 3.0 will feature some pretty high requirements. It will require a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and at least a 3.5-inch display. I’ve put together a list below showing all current Android devices, and the devices in bold are phones that would meet these requirements and could be upgraded to 3.0 eventually.

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fatstarr4430d ago

I think it would help bump the Power of smartphones up a level. So some ppl still get stuck at the current Android version but it will only get better. My first computer wasn't 1Ghz and it definitely didn't have 512mb of Ram.